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Weleda, Skin Food Moisturiser £8.95


If it’s good enough for Adele , I want to try it! That’s what I thought after reading an article where Adele sings the praises of this cult Weleda product! She said, ” I wear a lot of make-up when I’m working, so I like to use Skin Food by Weleda because I really feel replenished when I do”.


Burt's Bees Natural Anti-Blemish Solutions, Daily Moisturizing Lotion £14.99


Burt’s Bees are one of my favourite brands, I just love their lip balms!  The business started by selling produce made from the beeswax of ‘Burt’s bees’. They initially just sold lip balms and hand creams, which soon became very popular! I really like their ethos and brand mentality. On their website they explain that they are, ‘Creating truly natural products that are good for you and the environment.’ I must admit prior to this moisturizing lotion I hadn’t used more »


Wild Rose Beauty Balm by Neal's Yard Remedies £37.00


The Wild Rose Beauty Balm has become some-what of a cult favourite, and I can understand why! The moment I opened the cobalt blue jar containing 50g’s of pure rosy goodness, I was in love! The smell of roses is so delicious, it is reminiscent of a typical English garden, full of blossoming flowers. To me, this product is England, in a jar! It glides onto the skin with such ease, and nourishes, as you massage it into the skin. Only a more »


Sudocrem, The Secret A List Beauty Buy!


Honestly, the very same cream that is used on the bottoms of babies’ around the country! Yes, and I will admit that I too use Sudocrem on a daily basis, and I LOVE it! I’m in good company too! Kimberly Walsh, from Girls Aloud, also admitted to being a fellow Sudocrem fan, she said: “Cheryl and I put Sudocrem on our spots before bed, so we’ve shared that beauty tip with the rest of the group.” Cheryl Cole later confirmed more »


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream… How Have I missed this Gem?

8 hour cream

Whilst reading magazines, so many celebrities talk about their love of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, it has become something of a ‘Cult Classic Product’ . I always used to think I must try it. However, one day while watching a friend using it I saw the colour of the cream as it came out of the tube, (it’s a shade of apricot at first, then appears clear once applied), I was completely put off.


Instant Eye Make-Up Remover, Clarins £17.00


My favourite eye make-up remover of all time! I was kindly introduced to this product by my beautiful sister-in-law, when she bought me a Clarins gift set (I was in heaven!) . On the Clarins website it describes the Instant Eye Make-Up Remover as ‘A bi-phase lotion which instantly removes all traces of eye make-up, including long-wearing and waterproof formulas’.


Lush Let The Good Times Roll (Facial Cleanser) – £5.95


This facial cleanser has THE most amazing smell, ever. It’s a blend of rich toffee, honey and buttery smells, it’s quite literally lush! The cleanser is made out of maize flour, glycerine, talc, water, corn oil, polenta, cinnamon powder, perfume, gardenia extract and popcorn! The consistency is odd, it’s grainy to the touch but when added with water, like instructed, it makes a paste that smoothes over the skin quite nicely and the tiny grains exfoliate the skin. I tend to leave more »


Soap & Glory™ Bright Here Bright Now™ Instant Radiance Energy Balm 50ml – £11.99


You may already know this after reading some of my other reviews, that I have a serious love of Soap & Glory products. I love the sugary smell, the pinks/whites/silvers of the retro glamour packaging  and the quality of ingredients. I don’t think I have been let down by a Soap & Glory product as yet and this energy balm is no different. The balm is multi-functional, it can be used as a primer, highlighter or body shimmer. I love putting more »


MÓA The Green Balm 50ml £9.99


Fabulous product! It’s an organic tea tree based balm which can be used for many purposes and all over the body. I use it for dry skin, itchy skin, use it after shaving my legs, a body moisturizer, for eczema, a facial cleansing balm, I use on split ends and rinse out, can be used on cold sores, bites and grazes to name just a few uses. There is always a pot of The Green Balm in my bag! It more »