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Interview With The Renowned Make Up Artist, Daniel Sandler

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He’s been in the beauty industry for 25 years and his make up is a dream to use! He has won many beauty award including Cosmo Awards for Best Blusher and Best Brushes, and a Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Award for his lipstick in the beauty and lifestyle brand section! His name is Daniel Sandler, and I have been privileged enough to ask this Make-Up Genius some questions, take a look at what he said:


Interview With The Lovely Katie Piper

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Thank you Katie for agreeing to answer some questions for me. How has your life changed in recent years? Drastically and I’ve walked in many different shoes, from being young with not a care in the world, to being ill and in hospital and now finally back to work doing something that I love, which is a great feeling.


Interview With Brighton Pilates Founder and Teacher, Ellie Priest

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Hi Ellie, firstly can I thank you so much for this! You’re a successful Pilates tutor running Brighton Pilates! When did you decide that Pilates was what you wanted to do as a career? I had my first taster of Pilates when I was 14. I was a body for my dance teacher at the time’s Pilates teacher training exam. I loved it as I instantly could feel the benefits and new it would compliment my dance training. I continued more »


Interview With Lee Boyce, A Financial Journalist For The Daily Mail’s Finance Website; This Is Money

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Hi Lee, firstly can I thank you so much for taking the time out to answer some questions, I’m honoured! You’re a successful journalist, when did you decide that writing was what you wanted to do for a career? I’m honoured to have been asked for an interview! It’s refreshing being on the other side for a change. I knew I wanted to become a journalist when I was finishing school – English and Geography were always my strongest subjects more »


Interview With Artist Natalie Lines!


Illustrator, Natalie Lines, has worked for all kinds of magazines such as Company, V Magazine and InStyle Magazine . On her Behance profile it states, “Natalie Lines is a self-taught illustrator based in the Midlands. Her recent projects have been for Dorothy Perkins, House of fraser, Lissie and Lady Gaga.” She is just 22 and yet has already had an awesome career, and it is set to just get better and better. She regularly posts on her blogspot about her more »


Interview With Awesome New Company: Sick-Note Cures & Remedies


Today’s interview is about the new company, Sick- Note, who offer a range of packages to send to a person when they are one of the many variants of feeling sick. Whether that be home sick, new-parent-tired sick, love sick, hungover sick or just plain poorly sick. Each package is specifically tailored for each type of  ‘sick-ness’ and contain lots of goodies to suit their overall purpose. The care packs range from £19.99 – £49.99 (plus delivery), and are so worth it! more »


Interview With Photographer, Alexandra Cameron


Today I am lucky enough to talk to possibly my favourite photographer, of all time. Her evocative photographs seem to speak to me in a way that words just can’t. She manages to strip emotions bare, and very openly delivers the truth in her work. Her portfolio has been so unique, a personal favourite, was a self portraiture project named 365, whereby she took a self portraiture each day of the year. What was particularly poignant was her relationship with nature, more »