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Interview With Artist Natalie Lines!


Illustrator, Natalie Lines, has worked for all kinds of magazines such as Company, V Magazine and InStyle Magazine . On her Behance profile it states, “Natalie Lines is a self-taught illustrator based in the Midlands. Her recent projects have been for Dorothy Perkins, House of fraser, Lissie and Lady Gaga.” She is just 22 and yet has already had an awesome career, and it is set to just get better and better. She regularly posts on her blogspot about her more »


Interview With Photographer, Alexandra Cameron


Today I am lucky enough to talk to possibly my favourite photographer, of all time. Her evocative photographs seem to speak to me in a way that words just can’t. She manages to strip emotions bare, and very openly delivers the truth in her work. Her portfolio has been so unique, a personal favourite, was a self portraiture project named 365, whereby she took a self portraiture each day of the year. What was particularly poignant was her relationship with nature, more »


Beauty Addict Interviews Ballet Teacher, Amy Wood


Trying to perfect your turn out? Or  maybe you want to learn how to pirouette?  Then this is the lady you need to talk to! Today, I’m interviewing Amy Wood, ballet teacher, who trained at the Royal Academy of Dance. She’s a ballet teacher, performer and all round super-nanny. Think Mary Poppins in a pink tutu, pointe shoes and with a pink glittery tiara on, and that’s Amy Wood! I have asked Amy to give us her take on the world more »


Exclusive Interview With Kye Sones From X Factor About His 'Kill Your Ego' Artwork


Today I’m talking to Kye Sones, who is best known for being a contestant in last years’ X Factor competition! Kye was a chimney sweep until his world changed when he decided to go to the X Factor auditions, at the London O2 last year. He sailed through each round, straight to judges’ houses. Take That singer, Gary Barlow, then made the crucial decision to put him into his ‘Over 28’s’ category. Barlow commented, ‘I think he is going to be more »