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Adaptations Assessment For Driving With Disabilities.

I had my driving assessment today at the William Merritt centre in Leeds and I thought I would blog about the experience to hopefully give people in similar situations a sense of what to expect.

I have recently started up driving lessons again through the Motability grant scheme and BSM. I have been trying to use what is called the push pull mechanism in my driving instructor’s car, but it has been quite painful. So my driving instructor suggested I contact Motability to find more appropriate adaptations. So Motability set up an appointment at my nearest disabled living centre, so I could speak to experts.

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Catrina : 19th September 2018 6:07 pm : Articles, Beauty Addict
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My Weekly Favourites

My weekly favourites.

Things I have been lurving this week that have kept me going in this crazy world.

1. My cats… I’m sorry for being cliché but my beautiful little cute kitcats have been by my side all this week when I’ve needed them the most. As many other disabled readers will know there can be days when the pain and emotional issues are just all too much. I had a couple of those days this week and my little fur babies somehow knew and hung round me all day. Here’s some pictures of myself with Toulouse and Eponine for you to brighten your day.

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Catrina : 17th September 2018 2:22 pm : Beauty Addict
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We’re All Beautiful People. My Body Image Journey…

Hey Secrets of A Beauty Addict Readers,

Hope you’re well you beautiful people! So if you know me personally you will be aware that I’ve been virtually every size under the sacred Topshop sun. I was overweight as a teen, then became a dancer and went to a size UK 8. I plateaued at about a UK 12 for several years until I became disabled and have slowly risen to a UK size 16/18 . This has been due to a spate of 16 months bedbound, certain medications and undoubtedly eating the boxes of chocs people would bring me in hospital. But they were awesome – so thank you!

Yeah I guess I’ve been pretty bummed about my figure for a good while now and I’ve felt soooo self conscious… my three pair of spanx rule every time I’m going out of the house can attest to that! But you know what, I have to think back and remind myself that at one point I had a really serious condition that could have very easily resulted in dire consequences. And my body, God bless it, got me through! So each time I catch myself thinking negatively about this part or that part , I need to remind myself how lucky I am to be here, to have this incredibly magical body and even though I cant feel my legs, I am lucky to feel with my hands, to see through my eyes, to taste, and yes, to smell the roses.

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Secrets Of A Beauty Addict On Your Social Media Sites! Let's Connect!

Secrets Of A Beauty Addict is moving places… to Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and Facebook, to be precise!

I’m doing this so I can interact more with you lovely readers!! I’d love to hear what articles you have liked in the past, and also what you would like to see more of in the future. Plus any ideas of people you want me to interview, or products you would like me to review… any suggestions are gratefully received!

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Catrina : 22nd October 2013 2:23 pm : Articles, Beauty Addict, News
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Something Exciting Is Happening At Secrets Of A Beauty Addict!

Secrets Of A Beauty Addict is getting a make-over!! If you have been wondering why my posts haven’t been as frequent, it is because I have been a busy bee getting ready for the exciting new look!

I can exclusively reveal that I have collaborated with Alexandra Cameron, photographer as featured in Digital Photography Magazine and Marie Claire, and Samantha Cooper make-up artist to the stars, for a fashion shoot specifically for this site. Here’s a sneak preview of one of the photos!


I have also worked with Natalie Lines, Company magazine illustrator, to design Secrets Of A Beauty Addict’s new logo, and I have to say it’s pretty awesome!

The new look will be live at the end of July, and there are celebrity interviews and a massive competition to celebrate the launch!

Thank you for continuing to read my articles… Things are about to get a whole lot better!

love beauty

Catrina : 13th July 2013 10:41 pm : Beauty Addict
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Because I Am A Girl

If you would like to see some more of my writing then you can read the blog I wrote for the charity, ‘Because I Am A Girl’. They are an awesome charity that I have written about before on the site.

The charity aims to get all girls around the world into education. Their slogan is ‘Empower a girl. Transform a community’.

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Catrina : 10th June 2013 1:24 pm : Articles, Beauty Addict, Charity
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NHS..Beauty Addict Style!

Hello there dear readers,

I’m afraid an unexpected spell in hospital has caused a few slow days of beauty secrets coming your way, but I have written some articles while in my hospital bed that will be online very soon!  Most importantly of which, my article about the cosmetics you need  in a hospital bag. I had a big dilemma on my hands on Monday which slowed my admission down considerably (yes I’m the one who was under a gizzilion bags at a certain West Yorkshire hospital last week, sorry if I bumped into you, I never have been a light packer I’m afraid!) I know non of us want to be in hospital but after this experience I will always have a handy travel bag of mini cosmetics ready but I’m hoping next time I’ll be whisked off to Paris rather than A&E!

Until the next article,

A-Very-Tired-But-Happy-To-Be-Home-Beauty-Addict xx

Catrina : 16th March 2013 11:07 pm : Beauty Addict
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