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Major Beauty Sale At Harrods Today!

I can’t quite believe I’m saying this; but there are some real bargains to be had on the Harrods online store!There have been quite a few sales recently, but surprisingly, Harrods seems to be winning on the best bargain stakes!

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Catrina : 13th June 2013 12:01 pm : Articles, Where To Buy?
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How To Apply Make-Up For Photographs

Getting make-up application right is absolutely crucial for photographs, nobody wants their foundation tide marks or clumps of concealer to be captured on camera. With the prevalence of new-fangled digital cameras, camera-phones and cameras on i-pads; one never knows when a picture is going to be taken. Plus with online social sites such as, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter, where one can be ‘tagged’ in a photo; make-up for photographs has never been so crucial!

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Catrina : 12th June 2013 8:30 pm : Articles
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Because I Am A Girl

If you would like to see some more of my writing then you can read the blog I wrote for the charity, ‘Because I Am A Girl’. They are an awesome charity that I have written about before on the site.

The charity aims to get all girls around the world into education. Their slogan is ‘Empower a girl. Transform a community’.

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Catrina : 10th June 2013 1:24 pm : Articles, Beauty Addict, Charity
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Sheridan Smith, Superwoman!

As I have stated before, here at Secrets Of A Beauty Addict; I am an uber fan of the very talented actress, Sheridan Smith!  At the British Academy of Film and Television Awards Ceremony, last month, she looked absolutely stunning in an unusual, but beautiful, black, strapless prom dress and chic side bun!

The sweetest part was when Smith said, ‘Is this a wind up?’ very modestly, as she was receiving a BAFTA, for her role in Mrs Biggs!

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Catrina : 9th June 2013 10:51 pm : Articles
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Katherine Jenkins, What A Lady!

After Simon Cowell’s comment on Britains Got Talent last Saturday about Katherine Jenkins, I have decided to make her my ‘Celeb Crush of the week’. Cowell stated that Jenkin’s career was, “taking a big dip at the moment,” after watching singer Aliki Chrysochou’s, admittedly brilliant, performance.

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Catrina : 6th June 2013 8:20 pm : Articles, Celeb Style Crush
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Ofcom Confirms Complaints Over Lopez BGT Performance

If you have been watching the current series of Britain’s Got Talent, you will have seen Jennifer Lopez’s controversial performance on Tuesday 28th May. Ofcom have confirmed that they have received over 100 complaints in the 24 hours after the first airing of the show. On the programme the 43-year-old singer revealed her new single “Live It Up”.

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Catrina : 3rd June 2013 7:02 pm : Articles
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100th Anniversary Of Derby, Where Suffragette, Emily Davison Died

Emily Davison was a woman with incredible courage, who repeatedly risked her own safety, in her pursuit for gender equality. She campaigned tirelessly for the right for women’s votes. She was a leading militant in the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), founded in 1903. In her death, she has become a legend of the suffragette movement. Who were the suffragettes?

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Catrina : 1st June 2013 2:09 pm : Articles, Inspiration
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Save The Monkeys! They Need You!

Have you ever listened to The Ricky Gervais show on the radio, and encountered the wonderful man that is, Karl Pilkington? Pilkington was the producer on the radio show that aired on XFM, and he went on to create the record-breaking podcasts with Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant, that was later animated into a television programme also called, The Ricky Gervais Show. Karl is infamous for talking about his favourite animal, the monkey , and even dedicated a whole section of the show to ‘Monkey News’. A feature that has become an iconic part of popular culture and one I thoroughly enjoyed, being a fellow ‘monkey-lover’. But I am afraid I have some ‘Monkey News’ that Pilkington certainly, won’t like!

I was made aware of a situation in Mauritius where the exploitation and mistreatment of monkeys is rife! I then found out that Mauritius is the second largest supplier of monkeys to the research industry, so they can be tested upon in laboratories. Now what you must differentiate between is the debate about whether animals should be tested on at all, and the mistreatment and cruelty to animals. I am talking about the latter.

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Catrina : 28th May 2013 2:30 am : Articles
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Angelina Jolie's Brave Decision To Have A Preventative Double Mastectomy

Angelina Jolie is a world famous figure. I’ve seen her in countless movies such as, the iconic Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Salt, The Tourist, Girl Interrupted, The Bone Collector and Mr and Mrs Smith, to name just a few. I’ve been incredibly impressed with her body of work. However, I have never had much knowledge of Jolie herself. Of course, here in the UK, we get the news from Hollywood, which is filtered down into our gossip columns, but usually it is just that- gossip, and contains no information of any substance. The information we receive is about the public persona of ‘Angelina Jolie’ the film star, and her relationship with Brad Pitt, which everyone seems to have an opinion on. So any ‘news’ we receive usually comes with a side-line of opinion, that is cleverly presented as fact. The real Angelina Jolie, I would come to realise, is remarkably different.

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Catrina : 27th May 2013 10:57 pm : Articles, Articles & Interviews
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Don't Forget The Sun Cream…

Wow, some gorgeous weather here in the British Islands! The sun is shining and the Raybans are out! We love a sunny day here in the UK, and celebrate them with barbecues,  Pimms and lemonade, and sitting outside a lovely country pub!

Many of us migrate to the sea-side, on days like these, and sit on the beach whilst enjoying a typically English, 99 ice cream!

Many women all around the UK will have woken up this morning and thought, “Finally! A chance to get out the summer clothes!”

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Catrina : 25th May 2013 1:30 pm : Articles
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