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Me, And My Ultimate Face Wipe Hunt…

I have been on the hunt for some time, for decent, environmentally friendly, good value, face wipes.

The reason being, I am in and out of hospital at the moment, and it’s just not practical to take a massive cleanser that first of all, takes up a lot of room in my bag, and secondly requires water, which I may not have to hand, to wash it off. So, I decided wipes were going to be the way forward, to maintain my skincare regime even when admitted in hospital.

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Catrina : 25th February 2014 3:56 pm : Articles, Articles & Interviews, Face, Featured, Product Reviews
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Get The Seductive, Smokey Eye Look Perfected In Time For Valentines Day With Daniel Sandler

The main question I am asked as regards make-up is

“How to create the perfect smokey eye shadow look?”

I believe that the key to perfecting this feline, sultry style depends on:

70% Technique and 30% Quality Of Eye Shadow.

Remember, more expensive make up, does not always mean better quality!  I personally recommend Daniel Sandler’s eye shadows, I just love them!

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Catrina : 24th January 2014 9:20 am : Articles, Make-Up
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Secrets Of A Beauty Addict On Your Social Media Sites! Let's Connect!

Secrets Of A Beauty Addict is moving places… to Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and Facebook, to be precise!

I’m doing this so I can interact more with you lovely readers!! I’d love to hear what articles you have liked in the past, and also what you would like to see more of in the future. Plus any ideas of people you want me to interview, or products you would like me to review… any suggestions are gratefully received!

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Catrina : 22nd October 2013 2:23 pm : Articles, Beauty Addict, News
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Today’s Celeb Style Crush Is Downton Abbey’s Own Anna Bates

It’s been a rough time for Anna Bates on the hugely popular series Downton Abbey, with her controversial rape story line. But in stark contrast actress Joanne Froggatt, who plays Anna, couldn’t have looked happier (and who wouldn’t when she looks that good)!

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Catrina : 20th October 2013 12:53 pm : Articles, Celeb Style Crush
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Look Pretty In Pink Whilst Helping Beat Breast Cancer!

We ladies are known to be great at shopping, amazing at looking good in all situations, but also most importantly, we are known for being there for each other in times of need. Would you believe that buying Breast Cancer products enables us to do all three at once! Yes, we have always been ace at multi-tasking, so here’s our chance to shine inwardly and outwardly!

The products below have become available this month because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Lots of amazing companies are highlighting this crucial cause, and are backing the campaign. They are doing this by adding new product/s to their usual line, then donating all (or a percentage) of the proceeds of that product to these incredibly important charities, all to do with Breast Cancer. Usually they are easy to spot as the items are packaged with the infamous Breast Cancer ribbon logo, or stand out from the crowd in a delightful shade of pink.

Did I ever mention pink is my favourite colour? I feel like Christmas has come early this year!

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Catrina : 9th October 2013 10:56 pm : Articles, Charity
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A Selection Of Celeb Twit-Pics From The Last Week

Here you go again some more twit-pics to reveal what our favourite celebrities have been up to this week! Enjoy!

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Catrina : 16th September 2013 7:56 pm : Articles
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Win £50 Of Beauty Vouchers By Liking The Facebook Page & Inviting Your Friends Too!



Get your friends to like my facebook page and you will be in with a chance of winning £50 of beauty vouchers. Not only that, all new likes go into a super prize draw! Friday the 13th doesn’t seem so unlucky anymore!

Click below to go to the Secrets Of A Beauty Addict facebook page, and don’t forget to click like and share the promotion!



Good luck!

love beauty

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Copyright of Leah Firth Photographer and Secrets of A Beauty Addict. Must not be copied.

Secrets Of A Beauty Addict Have Their First Cover Girl!

Here at Secrets Of A Beauty Addict we have our first Cover Girl called Amy Wood. The Cover Girls will appear on the site and the social media pages of Secrets Of A Beauty Addict. They are backing Secrets Of A Beauty Addict’s campaign Real Beauty for Real Women!

On the site we discuss different elements about exactly what it is to be beautiful? We talk not only about beauty in the conventional sense, but about the beauty in nature, in literature and in art. We also consider what we believe the word beauty actually means. I personally believe beauty is a unique reaction between a person and a stimulus, such as music, art or nature. Nobody can tell another person what, or who, is by definition, beautiful. But as far as I see it many media outlets do try to influence our opinion on beauty; by airbrushing photographs in magazines, or by promoting the latest craze of fad diets, or endorsing this culture of quick-fix cosmetic surgery, with no consideration to the physical and mental implications this has on many of their readers.

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Catrina : 11th September 2013 10:21 pm : Articles
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This Last Week In Celebrity Twit-Pics

Want to do some shameless celeb watching? Well you’re in the right place…I’ve made it easy for you! Here is my selection of the week’s best celebrity Twitter pics; plus I’ve added an extra educational fact, just so you restore the balance of internal intelligence !


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Catrina : 9th September 2013 8:24 am : Articles, Celeb Style Crush
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Barbie, She’s More Than Just A Doll

MB Barbie LOGO the fashion doll, was created by a woman called Ruth Handler for the company Mattel in America in 1959. She credits her creation as being inspired from the German doll Bild Lilli, seen below.

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Catrina : 18th August 2013 12:38 pm : Articles
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