Latest In Beauty Pick ‘n’ Mix Monthly Subscription. I saved over £87.88 this month!


One of my favourite times of the month is the day that my Latest In Beauty subscription box arrives, I’m excited to say that today was that day for me.


I like how it arrives with pink tissue paper wrapping and pink paper packaging to keep the items safe. Usually there is a postcard with a beautiful phase or inspiring saying on it. I like to keep those on my corkboard for the month.


The products have always been in tact and well protected by the packaging in my experience, so that’s definitely a relief.


However,the best thing for me about the Latest In Beauty subscription service is that you get to choose the products yourself. They have a catalogue of interesting beauty/wellness products on their site that you can make your selection from. You can even choose whether you want 3, 6, or 9 products. I’m sure you can guess which option I went for!


The list changes daily so I would definitely reccomend keeping a track of whats on there as there can be a few gems that come on that get snapped up quickly. The great thing about this beauty box is that as soon as the month is paid for you can make your selection immediately or wait until you see something you really want.


They also send a newsletter with a few highlighted items that will become available in the month so it’s always a good idea to check that out. This month I knew that the Esse Ultra Moisturiser was coming so I held off making my box up until it was available.



This month I chose:

Esse Ultra Moisturiser £52 (Vegan, Phyto Trade Africa Accredited Partner, 99% natural ingredients, organic… etc etc)


Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 40ml £13.95 Cult product, always a favourite in my books!


Morgan Taylor Full Size Nail Varnish in Ella of A Girl RRP £11 but found for £6.95


The Body Shop Camomile Sumptous Cleansing Butter and Muslin Cloth Cleansing butter – £10 Muslin Cloth – £2.50


OPI Mini Nail Varnish in Pink


SportFx Blend&Go beauty blender. £4.99 I already had one of these but I got another because it is a fantastic blending sponge for makeup application. Full review to follow.


Ecooking Multibalm 15ml. £12.50 Organic & natural raw ingredients. I wanted to try this balm as I’m hearing really great things about this brand and was pleasantly surprised to see them on LIB.


Philosophy Amazing Grace Mini Wash 30ml & Perfume Sample 1.5ml. I chose this because Amazing Grace is one of my favourite scents so it’s nice to have a mini version of the perfume and body wash/shampoo for travel.


Full Pack Pukka Wonder Berry Green Tea. £2.99


Free Gift: Clipper Chamomile Infusion individually wrapped Tea Bag


I couldn’t find prices for the Philosophy wash and perfume sample as well as the mini OPI n polish and the single sachet of chamomile berry green tea. Suffice to say a saving of £87.88 is incredible enough without even considering those additional items on top!


Latest in Beauty also offers collection boxes that have already been curated. I have had quite a few of these boxes and they really are a great beauty find. Currently they have a couple of beauty advent calendars on there that I NEED to take a closer look at!


So if you were on the fence about trying a beauty subscription box I would highly reccomend trying the LIB one. You can cancel at any time, what do you have to lose?! Don’t forget places like Quidco offer cashback on Latest In Beauty and there may be discount codes available so always do some research before making a purchase!



Can you see why I am such a big fan?

Happy Latest In Beauty shopping….Just don’t take all my favourites please!

Until the next one,

love beauty



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