My Weekly Favourites


My weekly favourites.

Things I have been lurving this week that have kept me going in this crazy world.

1. My cats… I’m sorry for being clich√© but my beautiful little cute kitcats have been by my side all this week when I’ve needed them the most. As many other disabled readers will know there can be days when the pain and emotional issues are just all too much. I had a couple of those days this week and my little fur babies somehow knew and hung round me all day. Here’s some pictures of myself with Toulouse and Eponine for you to brighten your day.

2. I’ve been rediscovering my love of a good luxury bath. Before my disability I would love to get in a wonderful bubbly bath with candles, a magazine and a good bath bomb. Sadly, it’s harder to get in the bath these days but I made the effort the other day and I had what I would personally call the best bath I’ve ever had. This was mainly down to the Butterball bath bomb from Lush which was epically decadent, and left my skin feeling ridiculously smooth, I found perfect relaxation! Thanks Lush!
3. PODCASTS. Ok, I might be a little obsessed with podcasts at the minute. They are great because you can get stuff done whilst also getting up to date with the World. So I have some suggestions for those of you that are looking for female-centric, feel good, intelligent conversation with a side of witty banter Look no further than the pods Hysteria and Unladylike. After listening to either of these podcasts I feel informed, I feel empowered, I feel connected to the world and if I’ve had a couple of laughs at the same time, then all the better! I can’t recommend these podcasts enough.
4. My friend sent me this Bewater Harmony wonderful water bottle this week. It contains a vial of crystals in the middle. She knows I am trying to lower the amount of plastic I use, so she kindly bought it for me. Inside my bottle are rose quartz and rock crystal, both beautiful crystals that are supposed to promote love in my life. How sweet?! I’ve used it non stop this week and it’s been a nice little luxury and also prevented me buying bottles of water! Yay for the environment!
rose quartz
5. Clare Bowen’s new album. Clare Bowen played Scarlett in the series Nashville. Anyone who has seen the series will be aware of Bowen’s singing talent, but for anyone unaware she has such a unique and fairy-like voice, it’s incredible. I was lucky enough to see her live and it’s pretty magical if you get the chance. Her album contains such delicately crafted songs that bring you on a journey of finding power, being strong, embracing the light in the world, friendship, family and love. It’s a super special album. A few personal highlights are Doors and Corridors, Little by Little and Warrior. Warrior is an awesome anthem-worthy song to which I imagine most people will feel a connection. She said at her concert that if she could put her arms around the world and make it better she would… she is such an inspiring person.
clare bowen

I hope you enjoyed this little list of things that made my week better… maybe you found something in there to make your next week brighter?! I hope so!

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Until the next one,
love beauty

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