IT Cosmetics CC+ Full Coverage Cream Review


My Review Of IT Cosmetics CC+ Colour Correcting Full Coverage Cream £30

Things to remember before you read my review:

*I have combination skin
*I like a dewy finish from my foundation
*I’m 31 years old
*My skin is generally clear but I have issues with large pores.
*I have super pale skin.

I use shade FAIR.


So I’m going to skip to the good stuff, I love this product. This is why…

Number 1: This product should have a super hero cape! It contains an anti-aging hydrating serum so it is not only make-up but skincare! As I get older that is a huge thing I’m looking for from my products. Why would I choose a foundation without skincare after this?! It suggests that you can use this product as a moisturiser, so it literally skips a step of my routine. Thanks very much IT Cosmetics I appreciate that!

Number 2: It has a physical sunscreen 50+ UVA/UVB. However, to achieve this level of protection you would need to use 1ml of product which is a lot more than the 1-2 pumps suggested use. So my recommendation would be to supplement with an actual sunscreen and keep reapplying it throughout the day.

Number 3: It is cruelty free. To me this is non-negotiable. As a vegetarian since 7 and a flirting vegan I don’t want my products to have harmed animals in any way. Even this flawless IT Cosmetics CC+ cream complexion is not worth that … and that is saying something. Can you tell that I love this product?

Number 4: I LOVE the various finishes you can achieve with this one product. So coverage is not the first thing one would associate with a CC cream, it is by definition supposed to be a colour corrector, however, when they advertise this product as a full coverage cream I definitely know what they mean. I have some thoughts on the exact amount of coverage it gives though. You can absolutely use your fingers with a small amount to get a sheer layer on the skin and it looks beautiful. This is the Queen of quick makeup. If you need a one-stop-shop product I definitely think this CC+ is worth considering.

If you have little areas that you specifically want to cover, you can apply more in that one place in a stippling motion, as you would a concealer and it works wonderfully.

If you need/prefer full coverage I would recommend using the IT Cosmetics Heavenly Skin brush or a similar version, again in stippling motions. This method builds the product up and the finish is just sublime.

Having combination skin means that I am oily in my t-zone. The CC cream can lean towards shiny in my t-zone. So I like to powder gently in that area, to tone down my oils and any shine. I must state I am not excessively oily, so if you are I would definitely recommend using a tester first before purchasing a full size. This product could absolutely work for you, but you may want to trial a mattifying primer underneath and powder on top. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then perhaps the new It Cosmetics CC+ Matte Full Coverage cream would be more appropriate.


I love the dewy effect this CC+ cream gives my skin but if you feel like your skin needs more illumination the IT Cosmetics CC+ Illumination cream might be a nice choice? Again testers are your way forward.


These CC+ creams are not drugstore priced. They have a lot going on in them, they have been developed with plastic surgeons and dermatologists so one would expect a price point that reflects that. Now you can get IT Cosmetics in the UK in Boots, Selfridges or QVC you don’t have the shipping costs from the US but a CC+ Cream will cost you £30. If you buy from QVC they occasionally have it on Easy Payment Instalments where you pay over three months or if you purchase from Boots you can earn points on a reward card. Always consider any discount codes or cashback sites that might help make your purchase a little cheaper! Make your shopping work for you!

Number 5: This little gem lasts! Even in my oily areas this CC+ Cream lasts all day and stays in tact. I love how it blends into the skin and doesn’t look like foundation. There is no cakey-ness, no patchy-ness and certainly no wearing off. Here’s a photo after 3 hours wear, see what you think…


Number 6: The packaging is minimal and the pump ensures clean and easily use.


I am going through this tube quickly because it’s become an everyday staple. The cost has to be a factor.

I would like there to be a wider shade range for deeper skin tones

Hope this helps you beautiful people. Until the next one,

love beauty

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