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Hello Secrets of A Beauty Addict readers,

It’s been a while and I won’t bore you with the of ins and outs, ups and downs and total bloody rollercoaster of my absence but it feels good to get my fingers typing again. The world has changed since I last blogged and I guess I have changed a lot too. I’m still adjusting to life with a disability and I feel I’ve been coming to a bit of a crossroads. I really want to do something to help the world and help others who are suffering, but my condition not only inhibits me physically, but the pain and stress of an ever changing medical status has been emotionally tiring. So what can I do to help others find the beauty and happiness again in the world? The short answer… I’m not sure! So I came to the conclusion that while I work all that out, I needed to write again, I needed to stop thinking that I have to make a massive impact, and try to connect to others in the way I know how, and here I am. Hello!

The first topic I’d like to address is the one that has dominated my life (as it has for so many of us). Politics! What the hell has been going on? Like seriously though? Each day I read the news from every source I can find, I keep up with various news channels on Youtube , and I listen to several podcasts such as Hysteria (my fave just FYI) and yet I can still be blindsided in a conversation, by a new revelation that I’ve somehow missed. Sometimes I have to take a step back from the constant barrage of headlines, to keep my sanity, but I am pulled back by a need to be engaged in World politics in a way that I have never been before. No matter where your personal political affliations lie I think it is a general consensus that we are in uncharted territory right now. So we need to figure this out together. I think that some political conversation is bound to infilitrate into my discourse on here but hopefully I can provide a perspective that enables us to find beauty in even the darkest of headlines. Behind every tragedy that we have seen, there have been heroes fighting against it, never forget that.

Until the next time beautiful people,

love beauty

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