Me, And My Ultimate Face Wipe Hunt…

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I have been on the hunt for some time, for decent, environmentally friendly, good value, face wipes.

The reason being, I am in and out of hospital at the moment, and it’s just not practical to take a massive cleanser that first of all, takes up a lot of room in my bag, and secondly requires water, which I may not have to hand, to wash it off. So, I decided wipes were going to be the way forward, to maintain my skincare regime even when admitted in hospital.

However, I have had so many bad experiences with wipes from the supermarket. I’ve had irritations, burning sensations, itching, spots and incredibly bad red marks after using certain brands. So it was crucial to me that I found a perfect match.

My hospital visits have become much more frequent in recent months; consequently, I’m buying my wipes every month. Therefore, my budget can not stretch to the brands such as, Stila or Mac, who offer fantastic facial wipes that unfortunately are just too much money on a regular basis. A pack of Mac wipes are £14, so you can see how that would build up each month.

It is also incredibly important to me that the wipes are environmentally friendly. My initial thought at the beginning of the search was, ‘I need a brand I can trust’.

By that I mean;

A brand that won’t condone animal testing

A brand that uses ethical means of production and distribution

A brand that won’t be filling their wipes with cheap and nasty chemicals

So, I did some research on the internet, and have tried ten varieties of wipes from different companies, that fit my specifications. The top three choices that stood out from the crowd are;

3. Organic Surge Face Wipes priced at £3.49


2. Neal’s Yard Face Wipes at £5.49



1. Burts Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes £5.99

Burts Bees Makeup Removerburtsbees

I found these three varieties are all fantastic in their own individual way, and I would be exceedingly happy to use any of them. In my opinion, these face wipes cleanse just as well as any oil or cream based cleanser that I have tried.

Using one of these wipes is like going to a ‘Fast Food Drive Through (that only sells salads) For The Skin. It’s quick and easy; but still very effective. Win-Win!

I hope you have found my ‘Face Wipe Hunt’ of some use so that you too can have an ultra-quick-yet-fantastic skincare regime.

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