Get The Seductive, Smokey Eye Look Perfected In Time For Valentines Day With Daniel Sandler

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The main question I am asked as regards make-up is

“How to create the perfect smokey eye shadow look?”

I believe that the key to perfecting this feline, sultry style depends on:

70% Technique and 30% Quality Of Eye Shadow.

Remember, more expensive make up, does not always mean better quality!  I personally recommend Daniel Sandler’s eye shadows, I just love them!

The reason I  use Daniel Sandler Eye Shadows is because I know that I am guaranteed a true colour. This means that the colour the eye shadow is in the palette, is the same as the colour when applied. So many brands have amazingly gorgeous arrays of colours in the palettes, that are tempting us to buy them, but unfortunately they become a ‘washy’ version when applied to the eyelids!It is incredibly disappointing!

Daniel Sandler’s eye shadows can be applied wet or dry! When applied with a damp brush it creates an intense pigment that can be used as an eye liner or to achieve a foil like effect over the whole eye lid. Alternatively using a dry brush allows one to achieve a more smokey look, like we are doing today.

Daniel Sandler’s eye shadows are also great value for money! You do not need an awful lot to create a dramatic look. With many other brands you have to add more and more, just to build a strong colour, wasting money, time and energy. Luckily this is not the case with Daniel Sandler!

So here is my tool kit to create a Daniel Sandler Dark Smokey Eye.

Just click on the item to go to the Daniel Sandler shop to purchase it.

Daniel Sandler Mineral Shadow Titanium.

Daniel Sandler Matte Shadow – Charcoal

Daniel Sandler Eye Delight – Ice

Daniel Sandler Eye Shadow 2 Brush

Daniel Sandler Smudger Brush

You will also need a Mascara and an Eye liner. Daniel recommends:

 Jumbo Jet Mascara and Velvet Waterproof Eye Liner in Black . 

(Don’t forget that lighter pinky tones also look great when applied in the same smokey manner).

Okay, so apply your concealer, foundation and powder paying specific attention to the eye-lids. (Once you have ‘prepped’ the eyelid with foundation and powder, the eye shadow will apply much better to the skin).

Using Mineral Eye Shadow in Titanium, apply over the whole eye up to the socket line using the Eye Shadow 2 Brush. Apply using a dry brush for a smokey effect. You are aiming for a flick on the outer edge of the eye, that goes no further than your eyebrow.

A tip is to place a tissue under the eye whenever you are applying eye shadow, to catch any particles that may fall from the eye lids. 

Then apply the same Mineral Eye Shadow in Titanium under the lower lash line using the Smudger Brush (that can get right into the lower lash). Daniel then suggests using a cotton bud to skim over the edges of the eye shadow you have just applied; to blend and smudge it, and make it appear more smokey rather than a harsh line under the lash.

Next, apply the Matte Charcoal Eye Shadow using the Eye Shadow 2 brush on the outer corner of the eye and down the socket line. Graduate the colour so that it is darker on the outside than on the inside.

Using the Smudger Brush apply the Matte Charcoal Eye shadow right at the root along the lower lash line, to build intensity.

Then apply the Black Velvet Waterproof Eye Liner on the top and bottom lash lines using small strokes, backwards and forwards. On the lower lash line (water line) you can add a little more to the outer edge to help build that smokey look. Then use the Smudger brush to blend the eye liner to make it look softer.

Using Eye Shadow 2 Brush take the Loose Eye Shadow ‘Eye Delight’ shade ‘Ice’, and apply under the brow lines to highlight the arch of the brow. Then using what is left on the brush blend onto the socket line to create a softer, smouldering line.

Apply the Jumbo Jet Mascara to the lower lashes first, and then three coats to the upper lashes to create a ‘glossy lash look’.

Daniel then suggests a neutral lip to balance out the darker eyes. He recommends the shade called Hush from his Lip Shine collection. The Lip Shine range is great! It is SPF 15, it moisturises the lips like a lip balm, as well as adding it’s unique strong pigment and a slight shimmer.

Hush is a great colour that go with most skin tones. It is a definite must for any make-up lover!

Why not watch Daniel’s awesome ‘How To Video’ that shows this process step-by-step!

Just click here.

I hope you have enjoyed this and good luck with your smokey eyes!

Have a great Valentines Day!

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