Introducing The New 'It' Beauty Product Found In A Rather Strange Place… Snail Slime!


Ok, so it’s not for the squeamish! Who would have thought those icky snails in the garden had the key to unlocking true radiant beauty? Not me, that’s for sure – it’s insane! However, before you start picking random snails and putting them on your face (eurgh!) there is an easier way, thank goodness! Enter Dr Organics with their very popular product, aptly named… Snail Gel!

The clever guys at Dr Organic have made the process of applying what effectively is ‘snail slime’ onto the face, into the most dignified and surprisingly pleasurable manner possible. So, once you get past the fact that the gel has come from snails; you actually forget about it, (I promise!)

I too, was dubious at first, but believe me the results are worth it!

The gel is clear in appearance, and smells ‘zesty fresh’! You wouldn’t even know it was snail gel if you hadn’t read the label!

So what does it do?

I have been using it for around three months now and I certainly wouldn’t go back. I use it up to three times a week as a ‘pep-up’ for my complexion.

I use the product additionally if my skin becomes irritated or sore. It calms down any redness and the refreshing cool feeling one gets during application is a welcome relief when my skin feels hot and painful. The organic Aloe Vera and a blend of bio-active ingredients helps to effectively soothe and hydrate the skin. Studies have shown that Snail Gel by Dr Organic is ‘a natural, safe and effective alternative treatment in open wound management of partial thickness burns in adults.’

Additionally, it tightens the face as it works, and has a positive effect on my fine lines, especially around my eye and lip area. It does this because of a substance called Helix Aspersia Muller. This unique substance is produced by snails to quickly regenerate it’s own shell and skin when damaged.

Lucy Pottinger , Holland & Barrett’s senior beauty buyer describes the current trend towards more natural cosmetics such as Snail Gel.

“Although it might appear unusual at first, going back to source can uncover some of nature’s best and most effective solutions. This is particularly true in natural beauty, which has become the fastest growing category in store as customers realise that the products they put on their bodies are just as important as the foods they put in them. We have been overwhelmed by how popular this unique beauty product has become.”

Snail Gel contains; snail filtrate, aloe vera leaf juice, lime oil, lemongrass oil and litsea cubeba oil. It is positively free of; parabens, SLS, artificial colours, fragrances and harsh preservatives.

Dr Organic ensure their customers that the process of making Snail Gel is humane and animal-friendly. They state:

“Dr Organic Snail Gel is produced from snails that are farmed under humane and certified organic conditions. The snails are able to roam freely and the mucus secretion is collected from glass panes that they travel over. The secretion is collected, filtered and then concentrated by vacuum evaporation to reduce its water content before a mild preservative is added to maintain its shelf life.”

Recently, Ashley Roberts, former Pussycat Doll and current Dancing On Ice judge, has spoken out about her love of Dr Organics Snail Gel. Since then the sales of the product have risen by a massive 700%. However, it turns out that Ashley Roberts is not the only celebrity to indulge in Dr Organic’s unusual moisturiser, Katie Holmes has also admitted to be a big fan! I’m in good company it seems, in my love of this fabulous product!

I’m sure that if the sales carry on in this manner it will soon be a world-wide ‘it-product’, and if the results are anything to go by, it certainly deserves to be!

I give Dr Organics Snail Gel a perfect 10 lipsticks out of 10!


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