Nourish Relax Body Wash My Ultimate Treat!


Those beautiful people at Nourish have once again made a top-notch, organic, high-end, luxury yet affordable ‘It-Product’!

If you have read some of my previous reviews of Nourish products you will know how passionate I am about this uniquely awesome brand. Simply put, they care! They care about the environment, they care about animals, they care about their products, making them the best they could possibly be, and most of all they care about their customers.

Each individual customer is important to Nourish, they want to help you find the right products to help your specific skin needs. They understand that just as every person is unique in looks and personality, so too is their skin, and therefore we must tailor our skin care regime accordingly.

For such a long time I have been searching for a decent lavender bubble bath that would team up as a shower gel for occasions when I go into hospital. Lavender is my favourite essential oil, it has so many amazing properties that make everyday living more relaxed, calm and certainly more fragrant! I was over the moon when I first tried this product, it was literally perfection in a bottle, and at £9.95 a bottle that is awesome value!

I felt like the children’s character Aladdin when I first tried it, the genie had made my wish come true! How amazing that a body wash can make one feel so elated… it is 250ml of fabulousness!

The bubbles are great, they fill and cover the bath when the elixir is pored under the hot running water. The best part of the process is during the pouring out stage and the first vapours of hot water and lavender hit the nostrils. Then when submerged in water the warmth and aroma envelops you in a cosy bath hug!

Incidentally I have had several compliments when people have said, ‘Ooh I like your perfume!’ Whilst leaning in and taking a big sniff. They are all taken aback when I say that I haven’t got any on and the aroma is my relax body wash!

However, the one bad thing about this product is the feeling when you eventually realise that it has all gone…who can guess what is the top item on my Christmas list?


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Of course Nourish Relax Shower Gel receives top marks for being my top product of the moment!


Happy Bathing!

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