With Skinetica, Clear Skin Has Never Been So Easy!


Teenage girls and boys are not the only ones to covet this amazing clear-skin elixir! Oh no, people of all ages are benefiting from this awesome skin enhancing tonic. This is because it isn’t just a super-duper spot-clearing lotion, it’s also an excellent toner, and a top-notch primer too!

Skinetica is the ‘SUPERMAN of Cosmetics‘, it will come to your rescue when you have any skin-related disasters!

This uber-cool product has been on sale in the UK since September 2012, so it’s still relatively new. But I am sure that it’s white and green bottle is bound to reach iconic status pretty soon, and you will be seeing it everywhere – mark my words.

I must say I was pretty apprehensive before I tried it, so many brands can talk the talk about their so called, ‘spot-fighting ability’; but very rarely do they deliver on it, in fact they can have some pretty nasty side effects, most notably making any acne ten times worse or staining the skin. However, after just one use I knew Skinetica was in a totally different league from other brands and I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief!

After three weeks use, and one and a half bottles, I am over the moon to say that Skinetica does exactly what it says it will do, and if I’m honest, it does more! If you follow the guidelines of use, that Skinetica suggest, I can’t imagine any dissatisfied customers after the experience I have had with it.

Skinetica suggest you:

Apply twice daily and allow to properly air dry before adding make up – you will keep the blemishes at bay by having an active skin treatment and beautiful make up as well!

Why do I like it so much?

First of all it’s mild enough to be used on the occasional spot but strong enough to tackle more stubborn break-outs. It fights the bacteria around the spots while still remaining kind to the skin. They have found the perfect balance between strength of anti-blemish, and sensitivity. Skinetica has no harsh chemicals and is completely non-toxic.

It has a light citrus fragrance that is really quite pleasant, and adds to the overall refreshing sensation of application, unlike many similar products which require a quick nose pinch before use.

Also in it’s favour is the lovely feeling it gives the skin when applied. Too many tonics have such an astringent sting to them, they are far too harsh, whereas Skinetica simply glides onto the skin very gently. It then clears and tightens the pores, and refreshes the complexion. Additionally, it adds a lovely velvety texture to the skin, which is why it makes a perfect primer. My make-up certainly ‘stays put’ much better after it’s use.

Skinetica explain on their website that this is because;

“Skinetica “locks” onto the surface of the skin as it dries, and it has a spiky surface composition, it makes an excellent foundation base on which to apply make-up, preventing it from running even in a warm climate.”

I have also used this wonder-product in replace of my usual toner, simply because I’m in love with it! It removes dirt SO easily, I’m ashamed to see the amount of particles it collects on the cotton pad even after I have cleansed the skin, clearly it is working better than previous toners.

In reponse to all these wonderful results, I’ve actually spent my time finding other uses for it too, hence my one and a half bottle usage in three weeks! I’ve been using it on spots on other areas of the body and have seen such a difference.

Skinetica Rocks!

I must say when I was getting to the end of my first bottle I began panicking and was thinking Use sparingly!!‘ until my new bottle arrives! I didn’t want to be without it even for a day; just in case a pesky spot came back!

Luckily the lovely guys at Skinetica have these awesome discounts if you buy more than one bottle at a time… what a great idea!

One bottle is £9.99 each bottle.

Two bottles are £8.25 each bottle.

Three bottles are £7.59 each bottle.

Four bottles are £7.00 each bottle.

Five bottles are £6.60 each bottle.

Six bottles are £6.25 each bottle.

… and those prices include Postage and Packaging = bargain!

To buy yours please click here!

Alternatively you could ask for a 15ml sample of Skinetica for a £1 fee for postage and packaging. Click here to do so.


I give Skinetica a MIGHTY 10 OUT OF 10 lipsticks!



I hope you enjoy it just as much as me!

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