Selfridges' Festival Beauty Box Triumph!


It was like Christmas morning opening my Selfridges Beauty Box! It was my first ever Beauty Box from Selfridges and boy, it was good! The current theme is ‘festival beauty’ and I must say, all the products are perfect festival must-haves!

The box is £25, which without considering what’s inside, some may find a lot of money to pay for a beauty box, especially considering that other brands such as Glossybox or Birchbox offer them for only £10!

However, the box contains eleven beauty essentials with a combined value of £110; so it’s an absolute bargain when you think of it like that! The standard of product, in general, is much higher in the Selfridges beauty box.

You also get to see the contents before buying, which is crucial in my eyes, plus another good point is that it isn’t sold on a subscription basis like many other companies insist. With Glossybox, or other similar brands, it is pot-luck, whether you will like any of the products inside. I must admit a couple of times I haven’t liked anything whatsoever in the box! Mega disappointment!

So the Selfridges Festival Beauty Box had some real treats! It has the essentials (and some glorious non-essentials) needed for late-night summer parties, music festivals or even camping, or should I say ‘glamping’, out!

Here’s a list of the contents;

Topshop lip crayon in Powder Room

Sol de Janeiro Coconut Water Cooling Mist

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Navy

Coloursmash Hair Shadow

Violent Lips Lip Appliques in Warm Rainbow

Illamasqua Liquid Metal metallic cream

Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Moxie lip gloss

Azature nail polish in Champagne

Cowshed anti-bacterial hand gel

NPW mini scented hand & face wet wipes

NPW chubby glitter stick

Illamasqua complimentary eye colour consultation.

All in all, there’s everything you could possibly need for a summer festival! These boxes make great presents too… I’m sure any recipient of this box will be in awe of the goodies inside!

My favourite products so far are;

The Coloursmash Hair Shadow, it is so vibrant, it looks like the hair has been properly dyed! But it washes out leaving no trace of colour for work the next day! Phew!

The Cowshed antibacterial gel, which is amazing! It moisturizes like a hand cream but cleans like a hand gel… perfect for any porta-loo situations!

Lastly, I am in love with the Azature nail polish, it has real black diamond in it! It is the most beautiful nail polish I have used, and I will review this properly so you understand why it is so amazing! At £16 it’s not cheap but if you get this box, you’re making a huge saving!!

This box gets a whopping, and well-deserved, 10 out of 10 lipsticks! Go Selfridges!



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