Katie Holmes Stuns In 'Navy and Nude' Ad For Bobbi Brown!

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Katie Holmes is clearly, very pretty naturally! Do you remember her from her iconic Dawson’s Creek days? She has always had that, ‘girl next door’ look about her. She seems so wholesome, and beautiful, both inside and out! However, in these photos for Bobbi Brown, she just looks phenomenal! She has been updated with smoky eyes, strong brows and  dusky pink lips. Her complexion is even more flawless than usual, with some added colour too. It really suits her! I am fast learning, Bobbi Brown is a genius!

Holmes brings an air of class to the photo shoot, that is very rare. She fits in perfectly with the Bobbi Brown brand, which itself is classy and understated. To be honest, I have only just been introduced to the brand, very recently! I tried my first Bobbi Brown product last week! I have to say, I have been absolutely hooked ever since! I am falling in love with the Bobbi Brown, iconic, ‘natural’ look! I have been enjoying trying out all the various shades of nude and muted colours, in her collections. They are so pretty, I highly recommend them!

Holmes is sporting the natural look in the first Bobbi Brown campaign she did. I have been trying to emulate this look ever since I saw the campaign!


Photo Credit: Bobbi Brown

In her latest advert she looks just as flawless, but she also has a subtle undertone of sexiness, which was great to see! Bobbi Brown (the brand), is all about enhancing what you have, rather than trying to make you look like someone else. I love that about them! They are helping build their customers’ confidence, every day! Holmes said;

‘Bobbi is exceptionally talented and Bobbi Brown cosmetics is a company that we, as women, all turn to because it is make-up that is very accessible and makes you feel pretty.’ 

In the latest Bobbi Brown campaign, which is for the new, ‘Navy and Nude Collection’, Holmes stares confidently into the camera, with her hair swept back into a chignon, which helps highlight her incredible make-up.



Photo Credit: Bobbi Brown

She said;

‘Sometimes it is just a lipstick or a blush that makes you feel like you can do what you need to do. Make-up is powerful and I am thrilled to be a part of this brand.’

The collection includes some beautiful cosmetics! A limited edition navy nail polish, a limited edition ‘Navy and Nude’ eye palette, a limited edition brightening brick, limited edition lip glosses, a limited edition gel eye-liner and lastly a limited edition long wear cream-shadow. Click here to buy from the collection.



Photo Credit: Bobbi Brown

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Bobbi Brown also has a range of books on make-up application, click here to buy them off Amazon.

Welcome to the world of Bobbi Brown, I promise you, it’s wonderful!

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