Want Baby-Soft Skin? Look No Further Than – Weleda, Calendula Cream Bath


Ooooh, I love this Cream Bath, it’s a treat and a half! It’s just so creamy, moisturising, and kind to the skin, (well, as I said , it was originally made for babies’ skin, so it has to be ultra-mild!)

It doesn’t have much of a smell, just a faint suggestion of almonds. But it has a very ‘homely’ aroma, when mixed with hot water, (sorry that’s the only way I can describe it!)

When it is run under the hot water faucet, the cream bath osmotizes through the water, giving it an even milky consistency. When you get in, the warmth envelops you in a much more luxurious way, than any synthetic bubble bath.

This is the ‘real-deal’ it moisturises the skin continuously as you relax. And you can relax, with this cream bath, there are no unexpected nasties such as parabens or other types of preservatives, there’s no added fragrances or colourants, lurking in there thank-goodness!

The cream bath protects the skin from moisture loss. After a ‘Weleda Calendula Bath’, I definitely noticed my skin felt smoother and softer, and that was after just one bath! This continued as I have used the product and my skin health in general has improved. It looks better, feels better and even my dry areas feel smooth! Definitely a bargain at £8.95

But what is this ‘calendula’?

Weleda explains on their site:

“Medicinal uses of calendula are manifold. Many date back centuries. It was once said that ‘where Calendula is, no pus will form’, and it’s most famous for wound healing, reducing inflammation, and as an antiseptic, so used to treat countless skin conditions from skin ulcerations to eczema. Such large amounts of calendula are grown for medicinal use in the former Soviet Union that it has earned the plant the nickname ‘Russian penicillin’.

Traditionally it has been prescribed for sore throats or mouth ulcers, and used to treat damaged and inflamed skin caused by mild burns, boils and sores, as well as everyday cuts and grazes.”

Other Weleda products that contain this awesome ingredient;

Weleda Baby

•  Calendula Nappy Change Cream A deep-nourishing barrier cream for the nappy area
•  Calendula Bath A soothing bedtime bath for delicate skin
•  Calendula Cream Bath A creamy bath milk to cleanse without drying
•  Calendula Face Cream Moisturises delicate facial skin
•  Calendula Lotion To replenish after bathing
•  Calendula Moisturising Body Cream Moisturises and protects delicate skin
•  Calendula Oil A nourishing, warming oil for daily skincare
•  Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash Gently cleans and cares for delicate hair and skin
•  Calendula Soap To cleanse even the most sensitive skin
•  Calendula Weather Protection Cream Intensive protection against harsh weather


Other personal care

•  Aknedoron Cleansing Lotion A daily cleanser for troubled skin
•  Aknedoron Purifying Lotion Intensive care for problem skin
•  Calendula & Chamomile Shampoo For all the family, specially mild for sensitive scalps
•  Calendula & Chamomile Conditioner For all the family, specially mild for sensitive scalps
•  Calendula Toothpaste Natural oral protection – Peppermint free
•  Children’s Tooth Gel Natural protection for children’s milk teeth
•  Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion A light source of moisture
•  Iris Hydrating Night Cream A rich nourishing cream for night-time care
•  Lemon Balm & Orange Blossom Shampoo For normal to oily hair
•  Lemon Balm & Orange Blossom Conditioner For normal to oily hair
•  Skin Food Intensive care where its needed most


•  Balsamicum Ointment (P) Symptomatic relief of nappy rash, boils and slow healing minor wounds
•  Calendolon Ointment Treatment of cuts, wounds and minor abrasions
•  Calendula Lotion Soothing natural antiseptic for cuts wounds and minor abrasions
•  Hypericum/Calendula Ointment For the relief of painful cuts and minor wounds
•  Oleum Rhinale (P) Symptomatic relief of catarrh and sinus congestion
•  Massage Balm with Calendula Relieves symptoms of mild muscular tension


2012 Beauty Shortlist Awards: Best Natural Baby Brand

Mother & Baby Award 2012: Silver: Best Premium Baby Skincare Range

Natural Lifestyle Magazine Awards 2012: Best Body/Personal Care Range

Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine Awards 2011: Gold Reader Award: Bath Product

Green Parent Awards 2011: Editors Choice

TIPS Awards 2011 – 2012: Best of the Best Baby Bath

Lovedbyparents Awards 2011: Gold: Best Bathtime Product

Lovedbyparents Awards 2011: Silver: Best Babycare Product


I give this cream bath a superb 9/10, I wish there was more in the bottle!!!!!


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