Carpe Summer With TOMS!


If you haven’t heard of the company TOMS, who make awesome footwear, and now eye wear, then let me be the first to introduce you to this exciting brand. TOMS shoes are iconic, they have taken the casual canvas shoe, and reinvented it, with many different and exciting designs. They are the hottest things to have on your feet at the moment!

Not only are TOMS known for their fashionable status, oh no! The premise of their brand is that with each product bought; another one will be donated to a person in need, they call this their, ‘One for One’ policy.

This isn’t just a promotion, the ethic of ‘One for One’ , was the building blocks of the company. What a fantastic idea, why hadn’t anyone thought of it before, I wonder? The clever man who came up with this concept is, Blake Mycoskie, and because of his vision TOMS has given over two million pairs of new shoes to children in need since it began in 2006.

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TOMS say they give shoes specifically because, although on their own, shoes have a limited ability to change a life, when they are combined with the programs run by their Giving Partners, they can become a powerful tool in helping create opportunities for a better future.

They work with over 75 Shoe Giving Partners. They explain how their shoe-giving works;

“Shoe giving is integrated into our partners’ everyday work such as: health checkups; distribution of medicine and vaccines; microfinance programs; youth leadership programs; school support; and vocational training for older teens.”


Photo Credit: TOMS 

“Our Giving Pairs are new shoes, made for school and play. We provide a range of sizes, to fit kids from toddlers to teens. And we also collect feedback on the fit, durability and comfort of the shoes, so we can continue to improve our current selection and develop new shoe styles.”

They give shoes in over 50 countries, however, having recognized other vital needs during his travels around the world, Mycoskie realized that One for One could be applied to more than shoes. He developed the idea for TOMS Eyewear in which for every pair of eye-wear purchased, TOMS would help give sight to a person in need. One for One.

They currently help the eyesight of people in need, in thirteen countries. They help in a variety of ways; through surgeries for things such as cataracts, offering prescription eye-wear and medical treatment for eye injuries or infections.

Once their vision is restored they can return to school or work. Adults can contribute financially to the household and no longer require extra care. Additionally, patients become advocates, helping neighbours find eye care.

They state on the TOMS website;

“With the help of Seva Foundation, our lead Sight Giving Partner, we support locally based organizations that train local residents to provide professional care. So it’s not just an investment in the clinics and hospitals; it’s an investment in the people who work in them.”

Here are a few of my favourite TOMS products, some are from their awesome Carpe Summer collection!


Earthwise Pink Vegan Women’s Classic £42



Music notes Women’s Classic £40


Pink Geometric Ikat Women’s Vegan Classic £40


Pink Glitter Womens Classic £40



Orchid Hemp Women’s Sustainable Wedges £59


Lombamba Black £125



Beachmaster Lilac £110



Sandela Black £110

Look great AND feel great, buy TOMS!

To find out more information about TOMS then go to their website 

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