Interview With Awesome New Company: Sick-Note Cures & Remedies

Today’s interview is about the new company, Sick- Note, who offer a range of packages to send to a person when they are one of the many variants of feeling sick. Whether that be home sick, new-parent-tired sick, love sick, hungover sick or just plain poorly sick. Each package is specifically tailored for each type of  ‘sick-ness’ and contain lots of goodies to suit their overall purpose. The care packs range from £19.99 – £49.99 (plus delivery), and are so worth it! The unique brand has taken off , and has even appeared in the Tatler magazine in their ‘Notes-to-Self’ section. In the review they quite rightly comment that the lovely people at Sick -Note, ‘have been thoughtful so you don’t have to!’. I couldn’t agree more, and my experiences with the brand, have proved that, again and again. My experience with them has shown me just how much they care about making each package perfect for the recipient. They even adapt a pack if it contains something that the recipient is allergic to, or doesn’t like. They also offer a bespoke package, where one can choose exactly what they want from a list of fabulous products.
All you have to do is: Choose your pack, select your elements and then send your Sick-Note. Easy as one, two, three!
When the package arrives the recipient opens the box to find a retro brown bag (which is actually a handy cool-bag that can be reused, handy ay?!) The velcroed bag opens to reveal a whole host of exciting contents, and also contains a gift card which can be personalised. The bag I chose was called ‘Love Sick’ , it contained Neom Bath, Figs and Rouge lip balm, Green and Blacks Chocolate, Pukka ‘Love’ Tea Bags (which have now become my favourite tea bags EVER), a Vogue magazine, The Great Gatsby book (a must read for any glamourous woman!) and lastly a lovely candle by Designers Guild, that smells amazing! I must say I was in absolute HEAVEN when I received this care package. My every whim had been catered for and I felt pampered to the extreme. As I am unfortuantely housebound at the moment (due to a spinal injury) the concept that I could send one of these to any of my friends when they are down or sick, so they too can feel pampered, even when I can’t be there in person, is great! I have already sent a friend one, simply because I wanted her to know I wished I could have been there for her! I am sure it won’t be the last time I use the company either, because they are trust worthy and deliver the goods, both literally and metaphorically!
I was lucky enough to talk to Daniela at Sick-Note, to get all the gossip about this exciting new brand, and I wasn’t disappointed!
Beauty Addict:  Where did you get the idea of care packages from?
Daniela: Sick-Note was born from a number of scenarios; the desire to send a friend a thoughtful, considered and sophisticated gift that had a personal touch and was relevant to her situation (she recently broke up with her boyfriend), finding myself under the weather and far from home (I’m Irish) wishing that my mum or sisters were here to nurse me back to health and ultimately the realisation that people want an alternative to traditional, default gifts such as flowers or generic greeting cards but don’t have the time to go out and shop for alternatives – Sick-Note served to fill all these requirements.
Beauty Addict: How long have you been in business?
Daniela: We have been trading since February this year.
Beauty Addict:How did you choose what would go in the packs?
Daniela: As a core offering we wanted to ensure that every pack contained: Something To Eat, Something To Drink,  Something To Read,  Something To Play With, Something To Indulge In and Something To Cure as we felt this mix would appeal to all the senses and keep the recipient wowed and entertained. Once we established the best product types to fulfill these categories we then selected brand leaders and cult favourites to add the luxury factory.
Beauty Addict: The products you use are usually organic, why have you made that decision?
Daniela: As a new business we can’t promise that our product mix will always be as heavily organic as it currently is, however, we are delighted that the majority of products that we currently stock and deem finest on the market are organic.
Beauty Addict:You have the book The Great Gatsby in the ‘Love Sick’ package, why did you specifically choose that book, is it your favourite read?
Daniela: Everything about Love Sick is as indulgent as Gatsby himself and the addition of this novel is a tongue in cheek nod to the idea of luxury through adversary. Elements such as the art deco lip balm tins, the romantic florals of the Pukka Love tea blend and the Neom shower gels as well as the painted motifs on the votive candles all echo flavours of the Roaring Twenties so, all in all, the pack and it’s elements reflect the sentiment of the Gatsby era which, in turn, is relevant to our modern economic climate. I am also a huge fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald and other writers of the Jazz Age.
Beauty Addict: I so enjoyed the decadence of that pack! Who is the ‘Love Sick’ package for?
Daniela: Love Sick is quite simply a pack full of fragrant, indulgent, romance that should be sent between friends, lovers, well wishers or as a treat to self. We wanted to develop a luxury pack that avoided being overtly ostentatious and fill the gap in the market for a beautiful and delicate gift that could say “just me, just hi, just because” as easily as “you’re a goddess and I love you”. The personalisation features are probably most important in this pack as it really displays to your intended that you know and have considered them.
Beauty Addict:You offer bespoke packages, what kinds of things can people have in them?
Daniela: Our bespoke packs started out as small variations on the lines that we already carry but has become a concierge service of sorts – if you want it and we don’t have it, we’ll try to find it for you. We haven’t had any absurd requests just yet so there may be some caveats on this in the future!!
Beauty Addict:If a vegan wanted a package but it contained non vegan goods could you provide and alternative?
Daniela: This would fall into our concierge bespoke category so we would gladly endeavour to build a pack of their choice items however, were they hoping to tailor a bespoke pack from our existing range they would not have trouble as the following products are vegan: Pukka Tea, Neom Candles (coming in the next week), Bounce Ball Fudgie Walnut, Figs & Rouge Lip Balm, The Organic Pharmacy Organic Glam Nail Polish and Green and Blacks Dark Chocolate.
Beauty Addict: What has been the most ultra lavish package you have made?
Daniela: Think of us like Doctors – we would never tell!
Beauty Addict: You offer Bach’s Rescue Remedy, are you a fan of homeopathic treatments?
Daniela: If the end result can be achieved naturally personally I would always opt for the less aggressive, less processed treatment.
Beauty Addict: Where did you get your idea of your awesome logo from?
Daniela: We had a very set vision for the brand from the early days of conception but needed translate it into a recognisable logo. We wanted to affirm the idea of the “travelling apothecary” and “cures & remedies delivered” so worked with branding company The FAME Agency to realise this. FAME completely respected our love of the past and understood our identity so harnessed this to create a logo that perfectly captures who/what we are/do in a very jovial and elegant way.
Beauty Addict: You have received good press, I saw a great review in the Tatler magazine, has that boosted business?
Daniela: The support from the press, online and print, has been wonderful. In addition to Tatler, we received very complimentary articles in Psycologies, Telegraph Beauty, Elle, Town, Get The Gloss, Fashion Bite and were delighted to be selected as “Editor’s Pick” in Stylist magazine and badged “Emma Loves” on Emma Forbes’ personal website – all of which gleaned a great response. As a new brand, validation and great reviews from respected and trusted sources have been invaluable.
Beauty Addict: What’s next for Sick-Note Cure’s and Remedies, have you any more packages in the pipeline?
Daniela: We are very excited about the June launch of “Sick Of Scruffy”  – it is our first male grooming pack!
Beauty Addict: Which is your favourite package and why?
Daniela: Sick & Tired is a personal favourite. From speaking with new/expectant mums I quickly realised that the idea of receiving a gift that reaffirmed them as sexy, intelligent, glamourous and fun women firstly and new/expectant mums as a second was something that excited them greatly and I knew that Sick & Tired had to be our parental pack, with a focus on the mum as opposed to the baby. The Organic Glam nail polish range is free from DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde and the Percy & Reed dry shampoo is a friend to any time poor new/expectant mum – this pack has been compiled with practical luxury in mind and I love it for making women feel themselves again.
Beauty Addict: I so agree, it’s important for new mothers to get a little bit of luxury to pamper themselves! Lastly, your packs try to promote good health after being sick. What advice would you offer your customers along with the packages?
Daniela: Be generous, be good humoured and playful, stay positive – hopefully, without spelling it out our packs say it!
Thank you so much for your time Daniela. and I look forward to making my next order with you. Hmm, I’m already thinking about my next me-present, the hardest decision is, which one to pick???
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