Beauty Addict Interviews Ballet Teacher, Amy Wood


Trying to perfect your turn out? Or  maybe you want to learn how to pirouette?  Then this is the lady you need to talk to! Today, I’m interviewing Amy Wood, ballet teacher, who trained at the Royal Academy of Dance. She’s a ballet teacher, performer and all round super-nanny. Think Mary Poppins in a pink tutu, pointe shoes and with a pink glittery tiara on, and that’s Amy Wood! I have asked Amy to give us her take on the world of beauty, from the unique perspective of a ballet dancer.

Here’s our conversation:

Beauty Addict: Thanks Amy for taking some time away from your work at the barre to have a little chat. First of all a question I’ve been dying to ask, what is your secret to such lovely skin?      

Amy: Hello, I am lucky that I was born with olive skin and tend not to get break outs. However I do cleanse, tone and moisturize everyday in the morning and before night and I never sleep in my make up no matter what time I get in! I even pack my face wash if I am going to be staying at a girlfriend’s or going swimming!


Photo Credit: Amy Wood

Beauty Addict: How often do you wear make-up? 
Amy: I wear make up almost everyday. Any day that I am going to see someone I wear make up so it depends on my schedule!

Beauty Addict: What make-up application tips can you give us as you must have gained a lot of knowledge from your many performances.     

Amy: I always cleanse, tone and moisturize before applying, and then I have an order  to how I do things. First I apply foundation, then wait for it to dry. (I think that’s really important to how well your make up sits and stays on your face). Then I put concealer under my eyes and bronzer all over. Then eyeshadow, blush and lips.

Beauty Addict: How does performance make up differ from ordinary make up?
Amy: Stage make up depends on the scale of what you are doing. For theatre shows we always had this kind of face paint for our ballet shows- you had to apply with a wet sponge and it felt awful! But in general the only difference is that everything needs to be thicker and bigger. The lights make your make up appear about 50% less than what you have applied, and people sitting far away can’t see small details, so there’s no point being shy with your make up.


 A film that Amy stars in called, Artists and Renegades 3.

Photo Credit: Artists and Renegades 3.

Beauty Addict: Who are your style icons?
Amy: I admire Audrey Hepburn for her style, and also everything she encompasses. She lived through the war performing for free as a ballerina, and is one of the most compassionate people I can think of. Her beauty starts from within, which I think is the best place to start.


Photo Credit: Pop Screen

Beauty Addict:What is your best make-up look for a night out?
Amy:My ‘go-to’ look on a night out, is a take on the ‘smokey-eyes’ look, but instead of greys, I use browns, as its slightly more natural. I use fake eyelashes and then liquid liner over the top. With heavy eye make up I always choose nude lipstick (I think that looks really sexy on any one). When I do my sisters make up, (she is blonde with blue eyes) I use purples or greens instead of browns. Olive-toned greens, and plum-purple tones look gorgeous on her fairer complexion.


Photo Credit: Amy Wood

Beauty Addict: Some good info tips there! What are your favourite brands?
Amy: I’m a Rimmel fan! The Lasting Finish foundation is thick, but doesn’t block your pores, it’s £6.99 from Boots. The Rimmel Stay Glossy lip gloss looks really good over make up and I often get asked where it’s from. It’s £6.29 from Boots. I use Eyelure false lashes which are great! Then I also use Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight which is £6.29 from Boots.


Photo Credit: Rimmel

Beauty Addict: What advice can you give us to achieve a gorgeous figure like yours?
Amy: I do not work out and only exercise when I am dancing. I enjoy healthy food but I also love chocolate and I don’t deny myself anything. I think as long as its in moderation and you are happy with your shape then there are no real secrets to looking good. Be confident and embrace your natural shape. If you dress for the size and shape you are and you are confident, you will look gorgeous.


 Photo Credit: Amy Wood

Beauty Addict: What philosophy do you lead your life by?
Amy: I live my life by many philosophies I think! Treat others as you wish to be treated- is a big one. Also never to judge people as you never know what is going on in someone’s life. Also, if you have something nice to say to some one, even a stranger, ALWAYS say it- you could make someone’s day.


Amy modelling in a book, The Vintage Tea Party Year.

Photo Credit: The Vintage Tea Party Year

Beauty Addict: That’s lovely! How would you spend a day off from your busy work schedule to totally relax?
Amy: I rarely get a whole day off but I think me-time is so important and I always make time for a hot bubble bath. I have a playlist on my iTunes for when I’m in the bath and if its been a really bad day then I also eat chocolate while I’m in there!


 Photo Credit: Galaxy

Beauty Addict: What does the word beauty mean to you?
Amy: Beauty is hard to describe. It’s in nature, and in love, and in kindness, and something that attracts us all and makes us feel good inside.


 Photo Credit: Secrets Of A Beauty Addict

Beauty Addict: Where do you get inspiration for your outfits from? I’m in awe of your style!
Amy: Thank you! I am drawn to feminine styles, fitted dresses with high heels. I don’t accessorize very much at all so I look for dresses that stand out on their own, normally block colours. I like pastels as I think they look good on olive skin.


Photo Credit: Amy Wood

Beauty Addict: If you could only take one cosmetic item on a desert island what would it be?
Amy: On a desert Island I don’t think Id mind too much because there wouldn’t be any people and also your face doesn’t tan when you have make up on so Id probably say lip balm- I hate dry lips! I love Nivea Hydrating lip balm.


Beauty Addict: What’s in your handbag make-up and cosmetic wise?
Amy:Lip balm, lip gloss, nude lipstick, bronzer, bronzer brush and eyelash glue (I keep one in every bag!)


Photo Credit: Amy Wood

Beauty Addict: Lastly what is your opinion of today’s society?

Amy: Todays society’s views on beauty are very interesting and in some ways disappointing. I am a size 10/12 at 5 foot 4 and I am often referred to as “big”.  I was recently asked by one of the children I look after if the reason I am single is because “I’m so fat!” His perception of fat and skinny comes from his very slim parents, but also what he sees in the media. It is important in my role as nanny, to educate him and explain that I am in fact a normal size! I recently was lucky enough to visit the set of a Hollywood film and meet the cast. Among others Bruce Willis, John Malokivich and Anthony Hopkins. I later found out that one of the actors has it written in his contract that post production have to edit his chin in every shot. So even Hollywood stars who are loved by millions, have insecurities that they hide from us. In my new job my boss is a director, who creates television campaigns mostly beauty and fashion related. Talking to him is really interesting; he appreciates the different body shapes and looks of different cultures. He notices everything and his perception of beauty is that it shines from within,  and he finds it in all kinds of places. He specifically chose a plus size model for a recent fashion campaign, and said she stole the show as she was so vibrant. But he also admits that he comes up against resistance to the “normal stereotypes” of beauty. In my opinion beauty is embracing your individuality, and being confident to be yourself. I don’t see why dying your hair blonde is any different from dying it pink- do what makes you happy. Wear what you like, eat what you like and be happy you are you.

That’s such a good summary of the warped image society has of what is ‘normal’!.

Amy you are beautiful!

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions it has been so informative.

Good luck in the future and come back and talk to us soon! xx

If you want to get in contact with Amy you can find her on Facebook: Amy Wood