Exclusive Interview With Kye Sones From X Factor About His 'Kill Your Ego' Artwork


Today I’m talking to Kye Sones, who is best known for being a contestant in last years’ X Factor competition! Kye was a chimney sweep until his world changed when he decided to go to the X Factor auditions, at the London O2 last year. He sailed through each round, straight to judges’ houses. Take That singer, Gary Barlow, then made the crucial decision to put him into his ‘Over 28’s’ category. Barlow commented, ‘I think he is going to be an amazing contestant’. How right he was! His renditions of I Can’t Make You Love Me and Save the World were flawless and his version of Let Me Entertain You was, simply put, amazing!

However, what many may not know, is that Kye is also a successful artist! His creativity is not limited to music, not by a long way! Sones’ creates silhouettes  which are made up of intricate patterns of pop culture stickers, such as Barbie or Postman Pat for example. He usually works on a black background which gives a dramatic effect. Sones’ artwork collection is entitled ‘Kill Your Ego’ and he has very kindly accepted to answer some questions.

Beauty Addict: Hi Kye, So tell me , how long have you been an artist?

Kye: I’ve always had a passion for street art and urban art.


Beauty Addict: What influences your work?

Kye: Pop culture interests me, but especially a twist on the norm. I like subjective works and strong bold iconic symbols.


Beauty Addict: Which is your favourite piece that you have created?

Kye: I’ve recently finished a large Marilyn Monroe piece. The more intricate the design, the longer it takes. She took a very long time, and with portraits you have to get it spot on, so you can tell who it is. However, every time I finish a new piece, that becomes my favourite for a while.

mariyln mon

Beauty Addict: I love that Marilyn one too, it’s awesome! So where did you initially get the idea of using stickers as an art form?

Kye: I like graffiti but I’m no good at it. I love seeing street art all over the walls of London. I hate tagging as it’s un-creative and anyone can scribble a name. But some of the street artists are incredible. I’ve always been an ideas person so I wanted to try something unique, but still in the street art forum.

Beauty Addict: Do you use the same stickers for each piece?

Kye: Every piece is unique. It would be impossible to re-create the same design exactly because of how they are made. It’s makes them one offs which is more special to whoever buys them.

Beauty Addict: Do you create artwork in a specific environment, listen to certain songs etc?

Kye : It’s something that’s very creative and you have to be in the right frame of mind. You need to be calm as one mistake can ruin the whole piece.

Beauty Addict: Which artists do you like?

Kye: I like all different artists. Banksy is an obvious one. He has such amazing unique ideas. There’s a graffiti artist called “The Don”. I have a few of his pieces. Then there’s people like Lichtenstein who was part of the pop art movement in the 1960’s. His work got me interested in art.

Beauty Addict: So then if you could own any piece of art in the world, what would you pick?

Kye: Possibly one of Lichtensteins. “Whaam” That would be pretty cool. Also there’s a lot of unknown graffiti on walls I see and think I’d love to take that home somehow.

Beauty Addict: You are also a singer, which vehicle of creativity expresses who you are the most?

Kye: I think they go hand in hand. There’s a creative need in me and when I needed a break from writing songs. I picked up a sketch book which led me to this current art work. The balance of the two help each other.


Beauty Addict: Has your art work changed since your time on the X Factor?

Kye: It’s a time thing. These pictures take weeks to complete and as I have a lot of music commitments at the moment and writing a record it leaves me little time. However I still have many pieces started, that one day soon I will finish. I have a large collection now and would like to do an exhibition soon.

Beauty Addict: I’d be first in line at your exhibition! Where does the title ‘Kill Your Ego’ come from?

Kye: I’ve always hated egos so I liked the phrase. And it’s the letters of my name. K.Y.E

Beauty Addict: Clever! What role does art have in your life?

Kye: A creative outlet. Something to admire when looking at other people’s work and appreciate the time it took them to make it.

Beauty Addict: What does the word ‘beauty’ mean to you?

Kye: Honest. If you find something beautiful then it’s something that’s honest in your eyes.

Beauty Addict: Such a good answer! Who inspires you from both an artistic perspective, and from a life perspective.

Kye: Creative people. Anyone in music, acting, art, dance. Anybody that’s strived through adversities and come out fighting.

Beauty Addict: If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Kye: Determined , honest, fighter.

Beauty Addict: If you were only allowed one song on your iPod what would it be, and why?

Kye: Hard question. Something by Al green

Beauty Addict: Lastly, who is your musical inspiration?

Kye: As a kid Michael Jackson.


Thank you so much Kye for the interview! It was really illuminating and interesting. I wish you continued success in the future and cannot wait to see what you create next!


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