Marie Claire May Edition Comes With Free Ciate Polish!


Ciate nail varnish in ‘Pocket Money’ (shade 107),  is my perfect shade of polish, and I’m elated that I have finally found it! I have been endlessly searching for a colour that I can wear with any outfit as a staple varnish for daily use. I’m tired of having to change my nail colour every time I change an outfit. Especially as I am a lover of bright colours, which tend to clash with every other colour but itself. So it became a daily routine to put a new colour on each morning!


What a waste of time!


I’ve been looking for a good quality nail varnish that will last a few days between touch ups and yesterday morning I woke up unaware that today was going to be the day my nail varnish woes would end. The arrival of the varnish was so unexpected! I was bought my usual copy of Marie Claire (May Edition) and without even properly looking at the packet I ripped the plastic packaging off and suddenly something landed on my lap.


There in it’s little white cardboard house was a luscious bottle of Ciate nail varnish, the uber posh brand I have dreamed of! I was slightly taken aback that such a good brand had given free samples away, this bottle alone is worth £9. My magazine was only £3.80 and it also came with a trial size Jergens Ultra Healing cream (another favourite of mine)- what a bargain!

The iconic bottle with its little black bow was in my presence for about 30 seconds before I eagerly opened it and began painting my nails. The colour is a light beige, some may call it ‘nude’ and once it dries it looks so glossy, it is quite clear that its a good quality brand of polish.

So my review for today simply had to be put on hold, so that I could share this absolute bargain with you. Then you too can go and get your copy of Marie Claire with those very special treats included. There are two shades of polish to choose from, so if you want the ‘Pocket Money’ shade be sure to check before you buy. Inside the magazine there is also a 25% off Ciate products so even more savings to be had. Don’t forget to put MARIE20 at the checkout at

Here’s some more information about Ciate products.

Ciate is a 3 FREE brand which means that their products are free of ‘nasties’ such as, Dibutyl-Phthalate, Toluene or Formaldehyde.

Ciate have recently introduced a new collection called ‘Fairground’ which look simply stunning, in their varying pastel shades. Some of the colours available are,  lemon yellow, ‘Loop The Loop’ , or the glittery pink ‘Funhouse’. My favourite from the collection being ‘Carousel’ a blue glittery colour.



They also have a unique ‘Caviar’ collection. These make nails look truly unique with a 3D effect.



Alternatively you could buy a set from Asos in the sale.

Ciate Sequined Limited Edition Set in ‘Tutu’  ‘Super Duper’  ‘Harlequin’  FROM £14 to £11

  • This limited edition sequin manicure set is made by Ciate. The kit includes: a Glitter Grip clear adhesive coat, pot of glittering sequins to create a 3D effect finish and a small brush to sweep away excess glitter.


Ciate Caviar Limited Edition Set in ‘Candy Shop’  FROM £18 to £14.50

  • This limited edition caviar manicure in Candy Shop is made by Ciate. The details include: a base coat nail polish in Superficial with a longwearing, chip-resistant formula and signature long handled brush for precision application and contrasting caviar beads to create a statement 3D finish.

Ciate Velvet Limited Edition Manicure in ‘Mink Cashmere’ FROM £14 to £11

  • This limited edition velvet manicure is made by Ciate. The details include: a unique, crushed velvet effect with a luxurious finish. Apply the longwearing, chip-resistant basecoat with the signature long handled brush for precision application, dust over the velvet powder and perfect with the little black brush.

Ciate Bottled Sunshine Nail Polish in ‘Esperdrilles‘ FROM £9 to£7

  • This Bottled Sunshine nail polish is made by Ciate. The details include: a range of summer-inspired shades with a subtle, shimmering metallic finish and longwearing, chip resistant formula. The signature bottle features a satin bow and a long handle for precision application.


Have a nice day, B.A xx

Photo credits: Asos, Ciante Website, and Marie Claire Website.