Jessie J Looks Hot Bald! Plus, You Can Still Donate For Her Courageous Haircut!


If you didn’t get to see Jessie J’s very brave haircut to raise money for Comic Relief, you can watch it on BBC IPlayer or on You Tube.



You can see the reveal of her bald head here:


The singer was obviously nervous prior to the big cut, but she didn’t let her nerves get the better of her. Lennie Henry was  to take the first cut, and there was a collective flinch nationwide, when the scissors made their first snip. Luckily, a professional then took over to make sure the Price Tag star have an even 0.5mm all over her head. I must admit I squirmed at first, but my admiration was growing by the second for the courageous star. She proves that beauty isn’t reliant on having hair , as she looks simply stunning with her bald head.

After watching her touching video where she went to see where the money she raised will be going it brought a tear to my eye. She went to the Comic Relief-funded project Body & Soul, which is for young people living with HIV, it was quite poignant seeing Jessie meet these young heros, they showed us all what being brave is really about. It highlighted the superficiality of  the act of having one’s hair cut off, in the grand scheme of things. So far she has raised more than £500,000 by having her head shaved and you can still donate!

Jessie then said to Dermot O’Leary who was hosting that part of the night , “It feels so liberating. But this isn’t about this (gesturing to her head), it’s about donating.” She then added: “I wanted to do something that wasn’t just for today and wasn’t just for five minutes, it’s going to last a few months. It will remind me and hopefully others that everyday you should do something good if you can.”

You still have time to donate something for Jessie’s ‘Dare’. Just click here

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We love you Jessie!