Inika Liquid Mineral Foundation – £29.50


This organic liquid mineral foundation has recieved many accolades including:

Finalist – 2010 Prix de marie claire de la Beauté Awards

Best Make-Up Product (Splurge)

The cream is easy to apply and when evenly distibuted across the face it covers any imperfections and creates a dewy glow. It has a light finish and doesn’t look as dense as some other liquid foundations that can leave marks at the edges of application. I used the ‘cream’ colour as I have pale skin, however, it comes in beige, honey and tan also. The best method of application is to rub in circular motions from the middle of the face to the outside and down to the decolletage. 

On the Inika website it states:

INIKA’s Liquid Mineral Foundation blurs the line between moisturiser and foundation. With extreme staying power that won’t clog your pores like normal liquid foundations, your skin has room to breathe with no oily residue.

Inikawas created to offer a range of products that are 100 percent natural, because the founder, Miranda Bond suffers from endometriosis and had stopped using ordinary cosmetics. She had done this because a highly regarded holistic book reccomended eliminating products that contain potentially harmful chemicals, particularly endocrine disrupting chemicals (found in makeup, nail polish & household cleaners). Their products incorporate mineral makeup, vegan and organic products that are completely free from synthetic chemicals and harmful ingredients.

The expensive organic ingredients causes an increased overall price, unfortunately, but the benefits are worth it if you can afford the extra expense. Miranda Bond joined forces with Jenni Williams who suffers with severe allergies, the two friends launched the Thriving Healthy Women web site.

A trial size of this foundation is available in the Latest in Beauty, ‘Complexion Perfection’ Box which contains other trial size cosmetics too. It is £11.95 plus postage and packaging.


Inika’s website is

10 out of 10 lipsticks.