Katie Piper – What a woman!


As I was thinking of possible people to cover in my celebrity section, I was given a book by my friend and the author seemed like a perfect candidate. I try to go for inspirational people in this section and the author of this book called ‘Start Your Day With Katie’ is Katie Piper, the most inspirational woman ever. I massively admire Katie because she turned a devastating event in her life, into the start of a positive new life for herself. If only more of us had that ability. My friend bought me the book because, my life is currently taking a different route than planned due to ill health. These 365 positive affirmations at the start of my day are hopefully going to keep me positive throughout whatever is thrown at me.

Katie born in 1983 , was a former model and televsion presenter until she was a victim of an acid attack planned by her ex boyfriend. Sadly the attack blinded Katie in one eye and she had to undergo surgery on her face. She has now undergone many operations since then. Brave Katie decided to bring more awareness to the public about burns victims in a Channel 4 documentary, Katie: My Beautiful Face. She has since had a best selling autobiography called, Beautiful, a self help book entitled, ‘Things Get Better: If you believe then you will survive’ , she has had another Channel 4 documentary ‘Katie: The Science of Seeing Again” about stem cell treatment,  a series called ‘Katie Piper, My beautiful friends’ and the book that I’m reading at the moment. But most of her time is taken up by working for her charitable organisation the Katie Piper Foundation.


The Katie Piper Foundation is aimed at raising awareness of the plight of victims of burns and other disfigurement injuries: the charity also campaigns for the specialist treatment Piper received – such as the after-care scheme undertaken in France – to be more widely available to patients in Britain. Simon Cowell is a patron of the foundation,along with her surgeon Dr. Mohammad Ali Jawad.

I got this information from their website and after I read it I was compelled to make a donation and if you can too I think it’s a deserving charity. Thank you.

Why support the Katie Piper Foundation?

Our vision is to make it easier for people to live with burns and scars. Katie has been an inspiration to so many people, but there are many more ‘Katies’ among us that need the kind of help, support and advice that the Katie Piper Foundation provides.

Whether you’re an individual or part of a company, a scholar or a parent, your support will help us make a positive difference to burns survivors through life-changing treatments and workshops.

DONATE HERE: www.katiepiperfoundation.org.uk/donate/

So here’s to the beautiful Katie, she has set such a high example for the rest of us and I know it will lead her to bigger and better things and I wish her only happiness in the future.

Today’s Katie Piper Affirmation;
‘Let others help guide you, not control you.’