Romola Garai


She’s an awesome actress, you may have seen in films such as; Atonement, Inside I’m Dancing, Dirty Dancing 2; Havanna Nights and Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon. More recently she starred in One Day and the BBC drama, ‘The Hour’. In which, she looked the epitome of a 50’s style queen and radiated glamour through the television screen. The hair and make up teams on that series were outstanding. Romola herself is seen pictured off set in her day to day life in many chic outfits and simple but effective use of light makeup. She genuinely appears to be a down to earth person despite having what many would consider a glamourous life. She is quoted as saying, “It’s taken me a while to realize it takes a lot to be a good actor, and you have to respect the craft. Every job I do, I realise how little I know”.


When asked about her figure she commented, “The filmmakers were obsessed with having someone skinny. I just thought, why didn’t they get someone like Kate Bosworth, if that’s what they wanted? An actress like that wouldn’t worry about whether or not the political ideas were being sensitively or subtly dealt with. They’d do the job, smile and look pretty on the cover of Teen Vogue. There I am, 135 pounds and trying to make art! I was so wrong for it!”  In regard to the film Dirty Dancing 2 Havanna Nights.(2004).

Garai continued her education alongside her acting roles and received a 1st in her English Literature Masters Degree. (Intelligence – the secret weapon of any beautiful person!) I also love her for the confidence she has in her own beliefs and the courage she has to convey them;

imagesCAVLHJY9 “I was 20 years old when, despite mass protests against military action, Iraq was invaded in 2003 – it didn’t make for motivated political

participation, I can tell you. Yet the last year has brought some hope that the horrors of war might soon end and that I might finally be able to take down my press clipping of Tony Blair’s head with a dartboard drawn on it. Unfortunately, my trip to Syria in January destroyed any of this optimism, as I saw first hand the colossal mess that the war has made of the lives of the 1.2 million Iraqis who fled their country.”