Vivienne Westwood and Lush work together for a Climate Revolution


Vivienne Westwood has been rallying the public against climate change for a long time. The first time I became aware of it was when she was a guest on the Jonathon Ross show a few years ago. Since then she has been actively doing things to get more people involved. At the Paralympics Closing Ceremony, Vivienne unveiled her new campain, ‘Climate Revolution’. She had the words on her t-shirt and banner that she had hidden on the inside of one of her iconic dresses, which was made out of 7m of fabric. She was meant to be like Boudicca on her flaming chariot and when the cameras were pointed her way the dress was opened and then lifted up on spears to reveal her statement. She doesn’t do anything by halves! The Revolution had begun! Recently, in the new years edition of the Lush Times, they announced that Lush were joining Vivienne in her efforts to change our world for the better, in the Climate Revolution.

But what is the Climate Revolution? It says on their website,  that :

CO2 emission increases have put us on the path to a 6 degree rise in global temperatures by 2100. This could bring about the extinction of 95% of species on the planet.

It tells you much more on the website, it’s quite shocking. It also tells us what we can do to help. The first step is to join the Climate Revolution on their website, I have signed up, will you?

Below you can see both Lady Gaga and Kate Moss joining the campaign. You can buy one of the Climate Revolution t-shirts from £25 from: or childrens from

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