My Weekly Favourites

My weekly favourites.

Things I have been lurving this week that have kept me going in this crazy world.

1. My cats… I’m sorry for being cliché but my beautiful little cute kitcats have been by my side all this week when I’ve needed them the most. As many other disabled readers will know there can be days when the pain and emotional issues are just all too much. I had a couple of those days this week and my little fur babies somehow knew and hung round me all day. Here’s some pictures of myself with Toulouse and Eponine for you to brighten your day.
2. I’ve been rediscovering my love of a good luxury bath. Before my disability I would love to get in a wonderful bubbly bath with candles, a magazine and a good bath bomb. Sadly, it’s harder to get in the bath these days but I made the effort the other day and I had what I would personally call the best bath I’ve ever had. This was mainly down to the Butterball bath bomb from Lush which was epically decadent, and left my skin feeling ridiculously smooth, I found perfect relaxation! Thanks Lush!
3. PODCASTS. Ok, I might be a little obsessed with podcasts at the minute. They are great because you can get stuff done whilst also getting up to date with the World. So I have some suggestions for those of you that are looking for female-centric, feel good, intelligent conversation with a side of witty banter Look no further than the pods Hysteria and Unladylike. After listening to either of these podcasts I feel informed, I feel empowered, I feel connected to the world and if I’ve had a couple of laughs at the same time, then all the better! I can’t recommend these podcasts enough.
4. My friend sent me this Bewater Harmony wonderful water bottle this week. It contains a vial of crystals in the middle. She knows I am trying to lower the amount of plastic I use, so she kindly bought it for me. Inside my bottle are rose quartz and rock crystal, both beautiful crystals that are supposed to promote love in my life. How sweet?! I’ve used it non stop this week and it’s been a nice little luxury and also prevented me buying bottles of water! Yay for the environment!
rose quartz
5. Clare Bowen’s new album. Clare Bowen played Scarlett in the series Nashville. Anyone who has seen the series will be aware of Bowen’s singing talent, but for anyone unaware she has such a unique and fairy-like voice, it’s incredible. I was lucky enough to see her live and it’s pretty magical if you get the chance. Her album contains such delicately crafted songs that bring you on a journey of finding power, being strong, embracing the light in the world, friendship, family and love. It’s a super special album. A few personal highlights are Doors and Corridors, Little by Little and Warrior. Warrior is an awesome anthem-worthy song to which I imagine most people will feel a connection. She said at her concert that if she could put her arms around the world and make it better she would… she is such an inspiring person.
clare bowen

I hope you enjoyed this little list of things that made my week better… maybe you found something in there to make your next week brighter?! I hope so!

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Until the next one,
love beauty

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IT Cosmetics CC+ Full Coverage Cream Review

My Review Of IT Cosmetics CC+ Colour Correcting Full Coverage Cream £30

Things to remember before you read my review:

*I have combination skin
*I like a dewy finish from my foundation
*I’m 31 years old
*My skin is generally clear but I have issues with large pores.
*I have super pale skin.

I use shade FAIR.


So I’m going to skip to the good stuff, I love this product. This is why…

Number 1: This product should have a super hero cape! It contains an anti-aging hydrating serum so it is not only make-up but skincare! As I get older that is a huge thing I’m looking for from my products. Why would I choose a foundation without skincare after this?! It suggests that you can use this product as a moisturiser, so it literally skips a step of my routine. Thanks very much IT Cosmetics I appreciate that!

Number 2: It has a physical sunscreen 50+ UVA/UVB. However, to achieve this level of protection you would need to use 1ml of product which is a lot more than the 1-2 pumps suggested use. So my recommendation would be to supplement with an actual sunscreen and keep reapplying it throughout the day.

Number 3: It is cruelty free. To me this is non-negotiable. As a vegetarian since 7 and a flirting vegan I don’t want my products to have harmed animals in any way. Even this flawless IT Cosmetics CC+ cream complexion is not worth that … and that is saying something. Can you tell that I love this product?

Number 4: I LOVE the various finishes you can achieve with this one product. So coverage is not the first thing one would associate with a CC cream, it is by definition supposed to be a colour corrector, however, when they advertise this product as a full coverage cream I definitely know what they mean. I have some thoughts on the exact amount of coverage it gives though. You can absolutely use your fingers with a small amount to get a sheer layer on the skin and it looks beautiful. This is the Queen of quick makeup. If you need a one-stop-shop product I definitely think this CC+ is worth considering.

If you have little areas that you specifically want to cover, you can apply more in that one place in a stippling motion, as you would a concealer and it works wonderfully.

If you need/prefer full coverage I would recommend using the IT Cosmetics Heavenly Skin brush or a similar version, again in stippling motions. This method builds the product up and the finish is just sublime.

Having combination skin means that I am oily in my t-zone. The CC cream can lean towards shiny in my t-zone. So I like to powder gently in that area, to tone down my oils and any shine. I must state I am not excessively oily, so if you are I would definitely recommend using a tester first before purchasing a full size. This product could absolutely work for you, but you may want to trial a mattifying primer underneath and powder on top. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then perhaps the new It Cosmetics CC+ Matte Full Coverage cream would be more appropriate.


I love the dewy effect this CC+ cream gives my skin but if you feel like your skin needs more illumination the IT Cosmetics CC+ Illumination cream might be a nice choice? Again testers are your way forward.


These CC+ creams are not drugstore priced. They have a lot going on in them, they have been developed with plastic surgeons and dermatologists so one would expect a price point that reflects that. Now you can get IT Cosmetics in the UK in Boots, Selfridges or QVC you don’t have the shipping costs from the US but a CC+ Cream will cost you £30. If you buy from QVC they occasionally have it on Easy Payment Instalments where you pay over three months or if you purchase from Boots you can earn points on a reward card. Always consider any discount codes or cashback sites that might help make your purchase a little cheaper! Make your shopping work for you!

Number 5: This little gem lasts! Even in my oily areas this CC+ Cream lasts all day and stays in tact. I love how it blends into the skin and doesn’t look like foundation. There is no cakey-ness, no patchy-ness and certainly no wearing off. Here’s a photo after 3 hours wear, see what you think…


Number 6: The packaging is minimal and the pump ensures clean and easily use.


I am going through this tube quickly because it’s become an everyday staple. The cost has to be a factor.

I would like there to be a wider shade range for deeper skin tones

Hope this helps you beautiful people. Until the next one,

love beauty

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